vID Secured™ Platform


 Veonics' Security First Focus™ addresses the hurdles required to implement a Cloud-based identity management system while insuring compliance with your cyber security policies and regulations. Veonics’ Security First Focus™ permeates the entire software lifecycle. The design, development, testing and deployment of the all of our software solutions embrace this security mindset, yielding a set of interoperable applications that meet all security scrutiny and vulnerability testing standards. We believe that strong security is “baked in” early on and is not something that can be effectively “bolted on” later. 


On or Off Premises 

You will have the ability to manage your organization’s identity program with a replicable set of well-defined and secure processes in place. Forever. Yes, forever. Because once badges are issued, they will remain in your database, under your control, for editing, reprinting and for whatever you want to do. Think of the Veonics vID Secured Portal ™ as a digital information storage vault. You also have the option to run the Veonics solution on premises behind your firewall. Cutting edge technology. Maximum flexibility. 

The Veonics Process 

In the future, because of rebranding, technology changes, or any of a myriad of other reasons, you will face the prospect of reissuing badges. Will your data and photos be secure?  Easily accessible? Transformed and in order? Will you be able to rebadge, quickly and efficiently? 

To create a secure photo ID badge, you must enter data, capture a photo, print a badge, and manage issuance. Seems simple enough. However, it is a complex task. You have to manage selecting the right badge technology, ID badge design issues, identity software, printer selection, and badge activation so that they work in all of your transaction solutions. You then have to determine the best way to issue batches of ID badges and verify that they can be easily deactivated quickly on all systems when needed.

Managing a badge printing system can be costly and technically challenging, requiring trained staff. As a Veonics vID Secured Portal™ user, you will have a new and unique approach to identity management with innovative options and processes that have never been available before. With the Veonics Portal™, you'll have the ability to achieve superlative organization and security, now and into the future. 


The Veonics Portal™ offers new mobilized features including the new Veonics vID Secured™ virtual ID badge that can be displayed on smart devices and authenticated instantly against your authoritative database. The Veonics CELLfie™ photo capture is another mobile feature that allows you to create an ID photo from your mobile devices. 

Veonics Virtual ID Secured™ Badge

For many organizations, the requirement to issue an ID badge at time of enrollment is critical; so much so, that it justifies the higher cost of printing in-house. If immediate permanent badge issuance is not required, Veonics offers the new vID Secured™ virtual badge, or vID™, an ID badge that can be immediately displayed on any smart device or PC using popular Internet browsers.

The vID Secured™ badge can be used with a local color printer to create a temporary badge until the permanent physical badge is available. This method can be used to create less expensive paper photo or visitor badges, if the durability or life of the badge is not a major concern. And of course, some organizations choose to use the Veonics Virtual vID Secured™ badge, or vID™, as their only employee ID. This is because the vID™ can easily be displayed on any smart device or PC. If, for whatever reason, the badge is revoked, the display will immediately show the badge as “Inactive.” 

Mobile Authentication  

A new and powerful use of the Veonics Virtual ID™ is mobile authentication of a vID™ or a physical badge produced through the Veonics Portal™. Using the Veonics vID Designer™, the issuing organization simply adds a special barcode to the templates for the Virtual vID™ or standard badge to be printed through the Veonics Portal™. Once produced and issued, the vID™ or physical badge is then scanned at an access control point by common mobile scanning applications on a smart device. The device then directs the user to the vID Viewer™ on the Veonics Portal™, which in turn displays the credential with photo and ID information for immediate verification that the credential is either valid or inactive. By a visual comparison of the individual being authenticated to the photo generated on the scanning device, a guard or attendant can easily determine whether there is a match or not.  

New Veonics vID CELLfie™  

You can use Veonics' advanced vID CELLfie™ feature to capture a live photo using your smart phone or tablet. This unique feature eliminates waiting in long lines during mass enrollment. 


 Whether you are moving to the Cloud, or staying behind your firewall, the Veonics Credential Database™ will securely centralize your identity data and photos for more efficient management. One of the most common problems in managing identity data and photos is that the same or similar information is most likely stored in disparate systems that do not talk to each other, requiring manual updating of records. Examples of these free standing databases include human resources information systems, door access control, time and attendance, vending, tracking, and point of sale. The Veonics VCdB™ allows you to centrally manage the most common data fields used in these various applications, such as first name, last name, and photo. Veonics Portal™ tools, such as Veonics Adapters™, interfaces, and other proprietary custom developed software and hardware make this data consolidation simple and easy. Veonics also has the behind the firewall tools and resources to make your data and photo management trusted, secured, and current.


 vID Secured™ from Veonics is a trusted brand of identity management software that was developed with our Security First Focus™. When you see the vID Secured™ shield on a photo ID badge, you will have the confidence that the identification credential you are reviewing is valid. With Veonics' vID Secured™ process you can authenticate a vID Secured™ badge with a simple scan of the barcode, using any mobile device or computer.

Engineered inside a secure and hardened identity management framework, our process enforces strict data and photo capture standards that are then used to efficiently authenticate individuals within your organization. From the entry of the first bit of data to the day a vID Secured™ badge is terminated, you will find that the vID Secured™ architecture provides a seamless and easy to administer user experience even for non-technical staff assigned to manage your photo ID issuance process.Whatever your identity management issues or budget, you can depend on Veonics because the Veonics team and our network of authorized Solution and OEM Partners are dedicated to simplifying, securing and customizing the identity management process. 

Partnering with Veonics allows you to focus on what you do best – growing your business.  

Now, that’s being vID Secured™.