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 Veonics software engineers have a Security First Focus™ that permeates the entire software lifecycle process. The design, development, testing and deployment of the Veonics Credential Database™, or VCdB™, and the Veonics Portal™ embrace this security mindset, yielding a set of interoperable applications that pass security scrutiny and vulnerability testing. 

 Veonics believes that strong security is “baked in” early on and is not something that can be effectively “bolted on” later. Security issues must be addressed in the early requirements and design phases. In fact, at Veonics we believe the most effective security plans are drafted before the first line of code is ever written. 

 Consider the design of the Veonics Portal™ in which Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is carefully safeguarded. Veonics engineers are trained in the Federal Government’s (Department of Defense) best practices for securing PII including encrypting data at rest. Other design considerations include selecting tools and platforms that are inherently secure, conducting peer reviews of architectural models and carefully identifying potential attack vectors. 

 To securely deploy these solutions, Veonics has set up and configured hardened physical and virtual servers using rigorous Information Assurance (IA) guidelines to insure the security of our servers, networks, firewall configurations, white lists, certificates, CRLs, encryption, and intrusion detection processes. Veonics secure applications are deployed using on-going maintenance and support to guarantee server health, data integrity, replication and backups, as well as periodic re-testing to guard against ever present cyber attacks.  


 Veonics engineers have helped organizations of all types, including many agencies of the U.S. Government, as well as high profile companies and organizations in the private sector to improve the quality and security of their software and systems. Veonics engineers have successfully and securely deployed and supported solutions worldwide in very challenging technological and physical environments, from consumer retail in North America to war-time conditions on foreign soil.  


 The Veonics engineering team has years of experience performing all manner of security tests and assessments. Our multi-disciplined team consists of software scientists, application developers, test engineers, and cyber security specialists. The seasoned Veonics team has designed, developed and critically reviewed many enterprise solutions implemented on a variety of technology stacks and frameworks including web, desktop and mobile components. 

Our experience creating backend systems extends to world-wide transaction networks with millions of members, including credentialing systems, data warehouses, large networks for account/transaction data management, customer relationship management, payment gateways and web communication alert technologies, all of which interact with system operators and users all over the world. Engineering team members average 20+ years in their fields of experience and have authored software patents, hold multiple or advanced degrees, teach courses at leading universities and are Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP®).