ID Badge Printing as a Service

Many of our Solution Partners provide turn-key printing services, so you do not need to bother with managing an ID badge system and all of the supplies, accessories, training, ongoing support and ID badge issuance that go along with it. Team Veonics will print and manage it all for you.  


In-House Badging Consulting

Building out an enterprise wide Identity program is complex and technical, requiring extensive experience. Alternatively, buying a bundle in a box will prove inadequate in the long run. The ideal system must be properly designed, procured, installed, managed and supported by trained personnel. If you are planning to reissue badges to a large group, either with your existing system or new one, outsourcing the initial batch is an efficient and effective option. 


The right Solution Partner should be your single source for Everything ID™. Veonics and its partners recognize that equipment replacement can be expensive so we believe in using previously invested assets whenever possible. If and when there is a need for new or additional products or services, Veonics and its partners can be relied upon to offer them to you at affordable, competitive prices with whatever follow-on support you require.

Veonics and its Solution Partners can assist in evaluating collateral products and materials including:

• PVC badge printers

• Duplex print options
• Lamination options
• Encoder options; magnetic stripe, proximity and/or RFID
• Printer ribbons, film, laminate, and cleaning supplies
• RFID, magnetic Stripe, and barcode card stock
• Custom printed card stock
• Badge holders and accessories
• Digital cameras and slot punch devices 


 Veonics and its partners share a broad knowledge base in badge reissuance. Major projects require an experienced Project Manager to run the process; more modest undertakings may need less involvement. Veonics offers various levels of support services to our partners and their customers. We start with data requirements and desired workflows, and advance through all the systems involved (legacy or new). We assist in determining the processes and tools needed to meet your needs. As for the badge itself, we consider alternative technologies to identify the best fit for the solution and ensure that full functionality is delivered in the final badge. This includes all aspects of card issuance, including accessories, badge holders, buddy badges, distribution of new badges, retrieval and destruction of old badges.  


Veonics works with OEMs, startups, large companies and organizations that require uniquely defined processes which are not available off the shelf. Our software development team has decades of experience in building enterprise scale identity management platforms and has worked with an extensive array of verification and authentication processes. We follow a proven development process from discovery through implementation. All solutions are designed with efficiency and security as primary objectives.