Veonics Security First Focus™

 Our Security First Focus™ is designed to overcome the hurdles required to implement a Cloud-based identity management system while insuring compliance with your cyber security policies and regulations.  

Cloud-Based Identity Management - On or Off Premises

 You will have the ability to manage your organization’s identity program with a replicable set of well-defined and secure processes in place, forever! You also have the option to run the Veonics solution on premises behind your firewall. Cutting edge technology. Maximum flexibility. 

Mobilized Identity Verification and Authentication

 The Veonics Portal™ offers new mobilized features including the new Veonics vID Secured™ virtual ID badge that can be displayed on smart devices and authenticated instantly against your authoritative database. 

Centralized Identity Data and Photo Management

 Whether you are moving to the Cloud, or staying behind your firewall, our Veonics Credential Database™ will securely centralize your identity data and photos for more efficient management. 


Mobile Photo ID Verification

 It's about time. Photo ID badges can now be displayed on smart devices. This allows immediate issuance and use of a Veonics Virtual ID™ (vID™) on a mobile phone or device until the actual physical badge is printed remotely and delivered. If a physical badge is not needed at all, the vID™ can be used exclusively. One fewer ID card or badge to carry! The vID™ from Veonics is published with a special barcode that will let anyone who scans it determine whether or not the ID badge is still active.

Now that’s secure!